Susan Hodgdon

So in Love with Cole

by Susan Hodgdon

Released 2018
Released 2018
A collection of Cole Porter Songs, honoring the tremendous talents of Cole Porter and the American Song Book.
This project has been a labor of love. I have never worked so hard on anything in my life, but it`s been worth every second. My mom listened every step of the way in the making of this CD, always excited with each change and always offering encouragement. Daryl Kojak required me to work as hard as I could, to achieve only my best and for that I am truly thankful! This is my first studio CD and what a joy it is to not only be celebrating the works of Cole Porter, but also to be honoring the American Songbook. I dedicate this CD to my mom, who opened my eyes to the joys of music at a very young age, a joy that has served as my best friend throughout all of life`s never ending Challenges. Love you mom! – And thank-you Daryl Kojak! Susan
CD Credits
Executive Producer: Susan Hodgdon
Produced by Daryl Kojak
Recorded at Soundworks Recording Studio, LLC, Astoria, NY
Engineered by Kamilo Kratc
Arranged and edited by Daryl Kojak
Mixed and Mastered by Kamilo Kratc, Daryl Kojak
Vocals: Susan Hodgdon
Piano: Daryl Kojak
Tenor Saxophone: Steven Frieder
Bass: Sean Conly
Drums: Dwayne Cook Broadnax

Photos by Ben Strothmann and Amanda Bernsohn